Work hard, play hard – Afterlife and evaluation: Portfolio Assigment 5

This post also I start with a video which for me shows my ideas of our study’s. You get much if you invest to it.

First of all, I was very afraid about the starting of this course and the whole minor studies. Last semester when I applied for these studies, my knowledge of the studies was that you have lot to do and the studying is in English. In that time I haven’t have so much of situations where I have to use English, so it was a bit scary idea, but I thought that I can manage it and I could learn more. Until now my ideas of the studies have not changed, but I have get more and more relaxed to use this unfamiliar language. The blog have  eased my nerves maybe the most, because here I need to write in English. I need to think, reflect and try to get my thoughts in a form that is understandable to myself and of course to others. If there haven’t been an automatic spelling corrector this could be much harder task for me.


The INTRO course itself have been what I expected. Much of work every week, but I think every different parts of it have support each other. I as a student have get new knowledge in various lectures, workshops and group meetings. I think they as a whole were a compact pack and I like that we used the ways to study that we studied. Collaborative learning as a learning and studying strategy is what I have never before done in the size that we have using it in our studies. It’s need huge effort and as a student I had much of responsibilities and tasks to do if I want to succeed in the class. This blog is only one side of our studies and what a work(!).


Even though, we have have much to do in classes, I have joyed it. It have encouraged me to work and commit to my works, otherwise I wouldn’t pass the class. Well, by now I don’t know if I pass this course or not, but hope for the best. In the course I have also get to know the idea of the  background of the studies pedagogical ideal. For me the student  is shown as an active, devoted and who won’t be afraid on a lot of group working.


Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (CC BY-ND 2.0)

I have already evaluate a bit of our Workshop part of the course, but till this moment  I have done all the jobs. I enjoyed in the Workshops and it was a good thing that we had so much time to try out every different application. Now I have some idea how them work and I maybe use them in future also.


Mostly I enjoyed in the course our final project. The video shows how much fun we did have with girls, but got the idea what we have learnt. Collaboration and working together is fun, but challenging.

Finally, many thanks to our so great study group!  We have so many lovely personalities and people and our group go together so greatly. The tasks have been easy to do. Of course many thanks also to Essi Vuopala and Jari Laru; our course leaders! They did manage to design course interesting and fun for my point of view. The picture shows my view of our class. Everybody wins, when some learning happens. I learnt much!

Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (CC BY-ND 2.0)


Pictures: Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig


Collaboration doesn’t happen in one night – Portfolio assigment 4

I’m again a bit late. I still think I have so much to talk about and I haven’t talked all of the thing I was going to. As a student I should learn to schedule my works better.


Summer time at Himos center at central Finland

What we need to understand about collaborative learning?

In last few lectures my thought on ICT and CSCL have been going to different direction. First we did have Essi’s lecture on 2.10. and later on 9.10.2014 Pia Näykki,  Heikki Kontturi and Vera Gehlen-Baum talked about their working on learning experiences. On the lectures and after reading the texts for jigsaw sections I have been thinking about why it’s necessary as an teacher to know how student or pupils are learning in different learning situations. The lectures show me what different things are effecting to learning. Näykki for example said that emotions and motivation is there to influence to working on collaboratively. Also on the lecture their talked about how learning strategies can affect to pupils and how the learning situations is construct by the teacher.

It is shown to me that in the future teacher must design lectures very exactly. Of course lectures can be included under any certain topic so the teacher can have various ways to tech lectures. But it’s shown that lectures should have clear outcome. What is the main idea? What should be learnt? Where student stand? How can students be not only objects that only get the information but also subjects on lectures? I think it’s needed to understand what different things affect to studying situations to get the best outcome for students. As long as studying is build for the students, any factors must get account so its outcome counts.

oulu view

My favourite view in Oulu. This picture was taken 07/14

I also read some texts to jigsaw sections. On third jigsaw our group make a presentation from our ideas, Our video has some voice problems, because the iMovie program was hard to use for first time (sorry), but you get the point of it. On the video we tried to explain what our  whole new learning environment for studying could be. As well I read Vuopala, Essi & Järvinen, Sanna (2012) article about their study of students experiments of an online course. The article shows the meaning of the group for learning and the importance of specific learning place. For me it was interesting that in the study its students thought that individual students mostly make learning in group harder not easier.

Also on lectures and readings i fostered my understanding on various effects on learning. I get interested about how collaborative working can be managed so the group can work together and make the task happening. With research results on learning and studying on collaborative way, we can have a changing effect to futures learning events.  So it’s important to understand participants backgrounds and actions to group if learning is managed collaboratively.

Oulu view from carnivals Ferris wheel.

Oulu view from carnivals Ferris wheel.

On this post I use my own pictures.



What have I learnt in Workshops by now?

Our 4 hour-every week Workshop classes with Jari Laru have been so much fun.

Smartamp trial

For example the Smartamp trial. In last lecture we tried the app and it went totally crazy. Everybody get creative and there was a lot of laughter around us. In the app everyone can actively add or remove pictures and drawings to the page. Actually you can add almost everything to it, but in our group it went to all different way. I think our group members can look the picture and ask ourself “what did happen?”, “Did we really do this?” and “Why?” but nobody know what really take us to this.

Finally, I think it was a great trial, but in our group working it need some boundaries and norms. Otherwise it get totally out of the hands.

Still, I have some of the task undone, but I gonna do them. In mine vacation I try to do them all, ’cause what else I could do on my free time… I’m already waiting the programming task, which I haven’t have time to start yet.  It sounded so much fun!

Lastly, for me the hardest thing for now in workshop class has been the Hangout video performance which I did with Heli. Hangout was hard to use for start, even though eventually we manage to do the video and edited it a bit. I hope you like our creation!


How has it started? Portfolio assignment 3

What have I learned in last few weeks? Well, we have got few jigsaw sessions and lectures, which have been very interesting.

@ JennyVaara

@ JennyVaara

Main thing which have been talked is what is collaborative learning and how it is constructed. Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) have many different explanations but for me Baker’s (2002) approach is the most clear about the collaborative learning. Baker sees it “as an space where the group members create new knowledge together” (Vuopala, E. 25.9.2014 lecture). So in technology supported way the learning is not constructing by individuals themselves, but in a group. All members join in and they work together with their task. It is not also co-operative learning. It is all different.

Fall colours @ JennyVaara

Fall colours @ JennyVaara

For me I totally saw what a difference were in first two jigsaw times. Second jigsaw felt more like an collaborative learning situation because I think we have a problem which we needed to solve in our group with each others help. Our task was to make an presentation of our article and tell the most important points of it. Our group make good job in my opinion with it and you can watch our video in our course wiki: Group III: (Why and how CSCL?). I think the first jigsaw was more like co-operative style because all home group members had their own agenda in a group to tell about their texts.

In second jigsaw session it was a bit hard for our group to manage timing. We used pads and a new program, the , which none of us have ever used before. So training take a little too much time. But it was nice to see how different groups had prepare their work. Every group had construct their work in unique ways and the topics were all different. I like it when every group have to manage and solve their problems themselves. In teaching it’s not always needed to have exact instructions because that gives students their own voice and abilities to rise. It maybe for my opinion also increase their belief of their own expertise.

What have I learn – Portfolio assigment II

I have now been few weeks in educational technology minor studies. I have liked the studies even though they take a lot of time. For start i wanna share one of my favorite Finnish artist’s song.

I think main issue in learning is how learning is seen nowadays. Learning itself has’t changed, but we have new ways of doing it. Nowadays it’s needed to know different ways to teach because world is changing. ICT (information and communication technology) is there to ease its task.

In learning situations it’s meaningful  to take notice of many things. People don’t only learn in structured learning situations but also on their free time. In Paul Kirscher’s lecture (at 18.9.2014) my acknowledge raised on learning. He talked about learning and educational technology and he did have nine aspects. On his point of view there is three affordances, three aspects and three goals, which makes introduction to learning possible.

The lecture gave me a lot of new ideas and empower my previous knowledge. Kirschner said that social affordances are important, so students need to know enough each other. Also in group working the goal isn’t only to make the performance or presentation but it’s as well to get to know partners ideas and goals for the task. This is for me a funny aspect because I have never really think about it. Of course the group works need a time to get people to know each other and to notice their aims. Working in a group for the performance itself don’t take that much time, but the preparations take if the product will be a good one.


Kirschner did bring forward an idea of learners abilities. His view is that the teacher can’t teach anything if students doesn’t have the ability to use the technique.  This was for me the main idea of his lecture, because it shows that you need to make the possibility to learn as easy as the group needs. If students can’t learn in self-regulated way, the teacher finds another way to do it. This shows in my opinion the importance of a teacher. Surely Kirschner did point out that teacher can teach knowledge, but not the skill.

The ability to use ICT in pedagogical situations is not everybody’s chance. After Kirschner’s lecture our class did have the first Jigsaw exercise. In different groups we did think about what makes quality learning happen in a group work. There is variety of parts you need to be aware of, like environment, curricula or preexisting knowledge. Technology can be a potential way to practice in safe content and as well to get instant feedback or ability find knowledge. We did also talk about how important teacher is in learning situation. Teacher makes possible to get it flexible and smooth, so every student receive something from the studying situation. But it’s shown that the goals and needs of learning are all the time changing and that way education and teaching acquires new goals and changes.

 Slides of Paul Kirscher’s lecture 

”Learning and educational technology”

Every day everyone are learning new things even if they don’t really see it. Learning is something that is inside us, trying to affect our way of thinking and doing. Technology in other hand is there to help the learning process. Technology can be anything from a simple pen and paper to complex game, when purpose is to get the person to learn its situations.Technology is in some way helping with the learning process and allowing it.

All my thoughts for educational technology are related to learning. With technology education is something that mostly activates students. In that way there isn’t only one way to go but different routes, so students need themselves choose which way the go. Teacher is a counselor for students learning process and guides them to different directions even though the students makes most of their choices. The teacher still makes base for all learning process.

Educational technology allows students to try and fail without any fear of bad grade or failure with studies. In every turn the student is going to right direction, even if he or she have to go back in some point. Turning back can be easy and it allows students to improve their knowledge and creativity even without any help. With technology education can be very individual and also it can take account of different learning styles. Even the group working can be easier with technology.

Educational technology makes account of very different teaching styles if teacher can take advantage of them. Of course it’s useless to teacher if she or he don’t no how to use the working type in pedagogical way. I think as a teacher you need to know what pedagogical usage the program have if its used in classroom. Otherwise the students are more lost with their learning as the teacher are with teaching.

I’m very interested about the minor studies and happily waiting on the course works and exercises. I hope that my English is going to get better through the year. Few years ago I was very terrified of using English in any situations even though I understand it quite well. Still speaking was something I couldn’t do. Now my situation is better because I have learned that I can fail and try again. It’s a big step for me because I have always been very perfectionist about my spoken language. I think that I can do it and I like already our class and the learning environment. My aim is also to get to know different ways to see education field. In my major studies the education is seen as theoretical and I think need to have other views as well. I see educational technology a bit more practical than my major studies in educational science. After two weeks of the studies I still have the same idea.

Finally I know my assigment is know a bit late but I did have some timing issues. I can’t get to Internet with my laptop. I’m afraid of space warriors because my Internet secure program isn’t working so I didn’t have any way to get to Internet unless my phone and i didn’t want to write this with it. Sorry.

My first class

I just started the Intro class for education technology studies and its so hard for now. I created this blog as an area to the whole course and this is the first post.

I think that the studies are going to be interesting, challenging and also fun.